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DA_Via Claudia

A research on the relationship between materials

Type: Art Direction for energy requalification interventions (110%)

Location: Maranello (MO)

Size (Facades): 480 m²

Status: In progress

Year: 2021


In collaboration with:


Spazio VV33 by Alberto Bortolotti Architect

EDEN Energy Building Group

Via Claudia 130_Vista 02 copy.jpg

Brief description of the project:



The building to be redeveloped is located within the historic urban fabric of the municipality of Maranello (MO). It presents the typical formal characters of residential architecture of the 1950s and 1960s, in particular a frontal basement in travertine that frames the storefronts located on the ground floor.




The intervention involves the application of an EPS thermal insulation coat over the entire dispersing surface of the building. The first design choice was to provide for the preservation of the travertine basement of the front. 


Subsequently, the focal point of the project became the interface to be resolved between two materials having diametrically opposed characteristics.

The stone of the plinth and the plastered EPS of the elevation had to interface through a pivotal element, a line that was at the same time of union and disjunction between two pieces of the façade so different with particular attention to the corner solution that provided a small lapel of the stone cladding on the side fronts of the building.


The solution adopted involves the use of a metal tube with a concave-hollow section that connects the thickness of the stone cladding to that of the EPS, contouring the stone frame around its entire perimeter. At the ends, the metal frame terminates with a metal plate slightly detached from a travertine base and aligned both with the nearest ground line of the cladding and with a groove made in the thermal coat at the same elevation that divides the base of the building from the elevation on the other faces.



The project was carried out in collaboration with:


Arch. Alberto Bortolotti ( | Artistic direction

Eng. Francesco Lipparini ( | Artistic direction

EDEN Energy Building Group ( | Energy efficiency project.

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