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Collaborations | ARTMALL Milano

September 2022 - September 2024

From September 2022 my collaboration with Artmall, a somewhat peculiar art gallery in the center of Milan, began. Artmall is a place where music and art blend perfectly, an almost unique exception in the Italian scene. In addition to the four works on physical display, redesigned and reprinted in a limited edition for the occasion, you can find many in the online shop, within the gallery's website. 

Once a month I am on site for live-painting and to talk with you, attempt to explain the meaning of my drawings and experience this singular space as fully as possible.

All links and info can be found below or on my Instagram account dedicated to graphic design.


Or contact me:


Next live painting session:


Prices of Artworks | ARTMALL

The price of artworks for sale varies according to the type and size of print.

Traceable shipping with DHL courier is included.

30x45 W.png

270.00 €

30x45  mm

Limited edition prints (3 copies) on 250 gsm "Tintoretto" paper.

50x70 W.png

390.00 €

50x70 cm

Limited edition prints (3 copies) on 250 gsm "Tintoretto" paper.

Or contact me:


Artmall is located in Via Torino, 64 - 20123 Milan MI

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