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VR spaces

2022 - Today

Virtual reality experiences and installations.



Logge del Papa, Siena (IT)

noun-cube-1080910 copia.png
noun-arched-window-2507506 copy.png

Concept art and sound design | Leopoldo Ferrari

Modeling and animation | Martina Generali, Alessandro Olinteo

Animation and 3D rendering | Elisa Fantini (Alterego Digital Lab)



"From the Greek ἀρχή "principle, origin," a term whose use dates back to the earliest days of the philosophical tradition."



What is the origin of the fascination with a straight line or a perfect round shape?
What is the force that drives the human hand to reproduce and recreate certain forms?
What is the role of human beings within their own composition?

"Archè" wants to be an opportunity for open reflection on the theme
of man's relationship with pure primordial geometries,
on their fascination and permanence in the modern world,
on their inevitable influence on everyday life.

The project was carried out in collaboration with:

Watch the 360° video of the VR experience:

Move your phone or use your mouse to look around!



Poems in VR

Next events:

Next events:

Poems | Mitilanti

(Andrea Bonomi, Andrea Fabiani, Filippo Lubrano, Alfonso Pierro and Francesco Terzago)

Concept art, 3D modeling, animation and sound design | Alterego Digital Lab

(Elisa Fantini, Martina Generali, Alessandro Olinteo, Leopoldo Ferrari, Sula Chiovenda, Francesco Ulian)

Music for VR spaces

Listen: Music for virtual spaces

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