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I am an architect.


I was born on 21 August 1993 in the province of Verona. I have a scientific education, since high school I have grown a passion for drawing and writing. Since 2012, I have been attending the Master's Degree Course in Construction engineering and architecture first at the University of Trento and then at the University of Bologna, where I graduated in March 2021 with a thesis on the recovery and conservation of decommissioned ecclesiastical heritage.  


I currently practice as a freelance at Spazio VV33 (Alberto Bortolotti Architect), where I deal with interior design, art direction for energy requalification interventions, recovery and conservation interventions on ecclesiastical heritage, modelling, photography, creation of logos and brand identity.


In addition to my academic studies and my profession, over the years I have cultivated other passions such as drawing,

photography and, above all, music.


Since 2019 I have been making and selling limited edition prints of my drawings and photographs by collaborating with mediators and private collection managers in different countries or by personally dealing with collectors.


In 2020, after other previous experiences, I started my original musical project, which, in addition to my profession,

still takes up a large part of my time.

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The eccentric quarter:

Presumably born during the fifteenth century in Veneto, the practice of the "eccentric quarter" consisted in remodeling a piece of waste material or of poor value (typically waste from marble processing) so that any residual aesthetic potential was concentrated in one of the four quarters into which a square segment was divided (about 20x20 cm).


The smallest portion of the material, by doing so, ennobled and made sense
to all that poor had been used for the purpose of a processing.

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