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A short introduction:

I'm Leopoldo Ferrari, a 29-year-old Italian architect.


This virtual place was born from the need and the desire to collect in a coherent whole the more or less direct fruit of the years of study, work and reflection that I left behind, the traces of the passions that accompanied me during my path.

Browsing the site you will find:

- The digital portfolio of projects related to my profession as an architect and engineer (coming soon)

- A selection of my main graphic projects and drawings

- A selection of my photographic works and of the exhibitions in which I have participated

- A section where you can buy limited edition prints of my drawings and photographs

Browse the pages or follow the link (Linktree) to my main social channels:

Schermata 2021-07-27 alle 11.05.33.png

In short:

2/3 architect,1/3 engineer.


In addition to this, I deal with music, graphic design and photography.

I created this virtual place as an opportunity for meeting and unification between my different passions.

Find out more about me:

What are you interested in?



2015 - Today

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2019 - Today


VR Spaces

2022 - Today



2015  - Today


High quality Fine Art prints for your home, your studio, your personal space.

In the dedicated section you will find a selection of drawings and photographs for sale. If you want to buy one of my works, you can contact me directly or proceed through my virtual gallery on Saatchi Art:


Or contact me directly for a discount on the price indicated in the gallery!


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About this site

Self-conceived, self-designed and sefl-produced.

This site, in all its parts and animations, has been designed and developed independently.

If you are interested in my work or have any other questions do not hesitate to contact me using the form on this page or by going to the contact section.

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