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2015 - Today

I've been photographing buildings, things, people since 2015, I started with a very simple iPhone 5. Over the years I have experimenteddifferent genres and techniques, also participating in some important exhibitions and cultural initiatives such as:


- "EXPO Nutrire il Pianeta" (Ara Pacis, Rome, 2015).

- First triennial of Italian photography (Venice, 2017)

- Photographic service for the Milan Triennale "MyCupOfTea" (Milan, 2017)

- Solo exhibition "Riflessioni" (MAMbo, Bologna, 2018).


I photograph to remember, to understand, to capture a part of the world translated into a language I can understand.


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A space, a shape, a reflection, a detail.

Given my background as an architect, from my first years at university, it was natural to start photographing

to start photographing buildings, views, forms.


Over time, I learned to see architectural photography as a fundamental means of reflection, investigation and introspection. Investigating an object, a space within the silent boundaries within the silent limits of the photographic frame essentially means stripping them of their outline, critically reporting

the essential information for understanding and decoding them.


Nature and Landscape

A beach, a shore, a path, a curve in the road, a blurred dream.

Portraying landscapes is perhaps one of the oldest habits of photographers.

In addition to the beauty implicit in a landscape, it sometimes happens that a particular alignment of shapes, objects and bodies creates a special meaning where a moment before there was an indistinct aesthetic value.

It is then that a landscape photograph breaks away from the pack and acquires a double value.


Abstract compositions

A surface colored by light, a dividing line,

a texture, a color that sinks into the void.

When the subject becomes unrecognizable and trace of the context and moment in which a photograph was taken is also lost, only form, light and a malleable meaning remain.