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Photography Projects

2017 - Today

Every now and then, looking back at one's own work, stratified over months or years, it happens that one notices certain traits common to several photographs, a sort of transversal binding element. At that point, the only option is to try to collect, catalogue, order, verify that that connection exists and that through it

each shot gains something, because of a meaning common to the others.


All this has happened to me a few times.

The results obtained in those rare occasions can be found here.


Genere Poliestere

2017 - Today

The mute synthetic material, the motionless spectator who, from behind glass, populates the streets of the night.

The plastic that recomposes in the physical world the ideal of beauty of modern man becomes, in the featureless faces of the mannequins, the structure of a parallel world interwoven with unfathomable relations and governed by its own laws. 

The photographic project aims to give a voice, even if a subtle one, to the endless series of almost human figures,

sexless and timeless, who silently endure the unbridled rhythms of fashion, crystallised in a microcosm of dreams and mirrors at the edge of a pavement.


Format: horizontal / vertical 2: 3 Photos from the series: 12​

Genere poliestere
La memoria e il mare

La memoria e il mare

2017 - Today

I started making photographs of this kind on a pebble beach in Garda (VR) in the summer of 2017.

As sometimes happens, everything was born from an inconvenience: an error in the automatic management of the camera's shutter speed. The images that were recomposed on the sensor had that lack of definition that characterises dreams or distant memories.


During the period following the first shots, I developed a very specific philosophy about this type of image.

Why not photograph a landscape, a scene, as you think it will be remembered? 


The settings are those of a single, endless beach, the icon and stereotype of every summer, suspended in a blurred atmosphere as if it were always part of a distant memory. The title refers to a poem by Léo Ferré: "La mémoire et la mer". 


Format: horizontal / vertical 2: 3

Photographs from the series: 14 



"... This voice that comes from over there

Under the friendly arch where I lose my sight

These hands of mine giving themselves airs

These ruminant hands bellowing

This sound that haunts me for a long time

Like a beggar suffering from anathema

Like the shadow that loitering

Draw my theorem

And hidden under my red makeup

It starts banging like a door

This sound advancing on your feet

In the street of dead music

After the sea, it's over

On the beach, the sand bleats

Like the sheep of an infinite universe

When the sea shepherd calls me. "

Léo Ferré - La mémoire et la mer


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(Please do not use my photos without my permission. If you want to use or purchase a photograph, please contact me!)

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