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N o i t u l o v e r

2020  - Today

Noitulover is my electronic project born in 2020 from a series of small infinite approximations accumulated during the experiences of previous years. The main influences derive essentially from the electronic music of recent years (Moderat, Jon Hopkins, Max Cooper and others), from the passion for the soundtracks of many films and from sacred music.

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Graphics | Photography | Music.

The image and graphics associated with music play a fundamental role for me. During the last few months this meeting between images and music has become an opportunity to build a solid bridge between two of my most solid passions.

It has become increasingly difficult to separate an image from the music, the two are born almost together in the moment of the creation and production of my tracks.


So, in addition to the sound, I invite you to let yourself be carried away by the images that you find associated with the songs here and on the other channels ...

Click on the cover to listen to the track on Soundcloud!

Music Mixes

Music live mixes

Mixing music has always been a parallel activity that has helped me in my search for a personal sensibility.

Lately I have been tanning and releasing small live mixing sessions at the console, which can be heard here:

0_Mix Covers 16x9 (Vuoto).jpg
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