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2019 - Today

Parallel to the need to practice manual drawing, whether for the purpose of an architectural project or just for practice, during my last years of study, the desire to explore abstract geometric drawing, to translate thoughts, feelings or even just vague sensations into forms, arose in me.


Apart from the representative intent that affects some works, this type of drawing constitutes a sort of manual meditative form in which any relation to practical purposes or immediately tangible realities is deliberately, at least a priori, suppressed.


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An imaginary made up of vertical, horizontal, curves, points.


MANTRA / Serie I

A series of short stories in three acts on a vertical line.



A series of dialogues between shapes closed in a circle.

Oasi 05.jpg


A collection of ideal cities suspended in the sky, in the distant future.



A composition for every way of understanding the word "love" in ancient Greek culture.

Nove Miliardi di nomi di Dio_Frammenti da 7.235.467.223 a 7.236.587.999.jpg


Patient work in the impossible search for a drop of truth.

My digital portfolio is available on request

as well as the complete catalogue of works and prices.

Process and
print quality

To print my works, I collaborate with a professional copy shop specialized in digital printing in Bologna. From time to time, I personally check the print result in the various formats to ensure the correct transposition of color, lines and textures from the digital to the paper world. All the works are reproduced on Fine Art papers such as "Tintoretto" (Fedrigoni) with a weight of 250 g/sqm.


A selection of works for your home, your office, your personal space.

ll the artworks you see are for sale, limited to the number of copies remaining in the limited editions. They are available in various formats, the prints are made on FineArt paper type "Tintoretto" 250 g/sqm, signed, framed if necessary and shipped with trackable shipping (delivery in 15 days).



2022 - Today

From September 2022 my collaboration with Artmall, a somewhat peculiar art gallery in the center of Milan, began. Artmall is a place where music and art blend perfectly, an almost unique exception in the Italian scene.

In addition to the two original works on physical display, you can find many in the online shop, within the gallery's website. 

Once a month I am on site for live-painting and to talk with you, try to explain the meaning of my drawings and experience this singular space as fully as possible.


Since 2023, I have also been collaborating with OnlyArt, an art cooperative around which artists from many different fields revolve. OnlyArt, based in Genoa, is also present online at:

Inside the gallery, find some of my work.

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