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Nove forme d'amore


A composition for every way of understanding the word "love" in ancient Greek culture.

Agape (αγάπη): love of reason, unconditional, even not reciprocated, especially if with reference to God.

Philia (φιλία): the love of affection and pleasure, of which a return is expected, for example between friends.
Eros (έρως): carnal love, passion, desire.

Anteros (αντέρως): reciprocated love, the presence of a bond.

Himeros (Iμερος): the physical desire, present and immediate, which asks to be satisfied.

Pothos (Πόθος): the desire for what one tends to, the basis of intentionality.

Storgé (στοργή): parental and family love.

Thélema (θέλημα): love for what one does, the desire to want to do.

Pragma (Πράγμα): mature love, fruit of a lasting journey.




Type: Limited Edition Prints

Technique: Manual / digital

Format: Vertical 50x70 cm

Paper: Matte "Tintoretto" type

Weight: 250 gsm

White color

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