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V Bathroom

A survey of the intimate

Type: Interior Architecture
Location: Bologna (BO)
Size: 9 m²

Status: Realized (2020)


In collaboration with:

Spazio VV33 | Alberto Bortolotti Architect


Brief description of the project:

The project is part of a larger interior renovation and is concerted on the construction of the two main service rooms of the house.


From the beginning, the idea of a strong characterization of the two rooms was placed on the drawing board, both with respect to each other and with respect to the overall project. It was decided, with a strong gesture with respect to the allaneutrality that characterizes the other rooms, to assign this task to the vertical coverings, modeled on the proper geometry of the two rooms and made with Marazzi tiles (Musk, Lume) 12x24 cm arranged horizontally.


The main bathroom welcomes the user with a turquoise blue to which is counterbalanced by a hanging cabinet having the same basic shade. The secondary bathroom, or laundry room, on the other hand, is characterized by a delicate moss green. The two spaces are then complemented by carefully arranged sanitary ware in the plan as well as the custom-made resin shower tray.



The project was developed in collaboration with:

Arch. Alberto Bortolotti: ( | Architectural design.

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