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2019 - Today

Over the years, by coincidence or on request, I have happened to deal with image.

"Image" here understood as that set of signs and characteristic features of a brand, a project,

of an association, of a reality that wants to be recognized as well as for its contents,

also thanks to a particular shape associated with the latter.  

It is exactly in the wake of the interpenetration between form and content, brand and meaning that I have tried to move during the job opportunities that have presented themselves to me and the final results of which are collected in this section.

Logo VV33 White.png



A renovation of the logo of the architecture studio in Bologna.

Logo_Futura font (W).png



A new logo and a new website for the Cherubino Ghirardacci Study Center in Bologna.

LOGO Vicopelago White (Small).png



A logo for the recovery and conservation project of the former Sant'Agostino Monastery in Vicopelago (LU)

Go to the project
LOGO_Attese (Bianco).png



Proposals of logos for the start-up Attese

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Space VV33
(Alberto Bortolotti Architect)

Typology: Logo, Coordinated image.

Spazio VV33 by Alberto Bortolotti is the architecture studio with which I have been collaborating in Bologna since the last months of 2020.

In the last period, on the occasion of the creation of the studio's website, I have been involved in the creation of the new logo. The new logo incorporates the morphology and meaning of the original by compressing the elements into a more compact form.

Visit the studio website:

Loghi e immagini coordinate: Testo

Cherubino Ghirardacci
Study Center

Typology: Corporate identity, Site.

Founded as a Social Promotion Association on May 30, 2008 and based in the Augustinian community

of San Giacomo Maggiore in Bologna, the Cherubino Ghirardacci Study Center is a meeting point for people and acquaintances. It aims to promote the study of the city, the landscape and their representation.

As secretary and member of the Bologna Study Center, in the first months of 2022 I took care of the restructuring of its image. Together with the new logo, the website and all the communication graphics have also been redesigned from scratch. 

Loghi e immagini coordinate: Testo

Logo for Vicopelago

Typology: Coordinated image, logo.

The logo designed for the recovery project of the Ex Monastero di Sant'Agostino (September 2020) was developed during the thesis activity and in conjunction with a series of socio-cultural events that involved the historic complex of Lucca .  

Origin of the logo:

The General Chapter of the Augustinian Order of 1968, gathered to elaborate and adapt the Constitutions of the Order to the innovations introduced by the Vatican Council, made the choice to redesign the historic coat of arms in a simpler and more stylized way:

a heart pierced by an arrow on an open book. The coat of arms that emerges is certainly less decorative than the previous ones, but it is certainly more legible in its spiritual meaning and in the relative symbolism. The book is the symbol of the Word of God, of the "Veritas" sought by Augustine. The arrow is the symbol of God's love for men, of the "Caritas" which has pierced the heart of the saint.

The new logo, designed in the last months of 2020 and the desirable core of what could become a sort of "brand identity of the place", was born from the intent to unite in a single ideogram with a modern character the historic coat of arms of the Augustinian Order and the distinctive architectural feature of the former Vicopelago Monastery: The double order of arches of the portico and loggia of the historic villa.


Logo for Attese

Type: Logo

Attese is a project born in 2019 around the idea of making virtual reality an unprecedented hinge

in the use and sale of works of art.


The first logo proposal is inspired by the famous series of “cuts” by Lucio Fontana

referring to the same concept of "going beyond".


The second logo proposal, the one accepted, derives from a reinterpretation of the "Eclisse" lamp designed for Artemide  by Vico Magistretti in 1965. Here the purpose and name of the start-up are graphically translated into a luminous circle surrounded by two hemispheres which gradually unfolds.


The logo has been designed so that it can be easily recreated and animated even in a virtual environment.

Loghi e immagini coordinate: Testo
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