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The thick wall as shelter

Type: Architectural Composition (UNITN)

Lecturer: Claudia Battaino
Location: Tento \ Venice
Size: 0.5 square meters
Period: November 2014

Grade: 29


Brief description of the project:


Carried out on the occasion of UNITN's participation in the Venice Architecture Biennale and as part of the Architectural Composition II course, the project reflects around the concept of space derived by successive subtractions of volume.

Each student, over the course of a two-week workshop, was left free to interpret in elevation the plan of a historic building assigned at the beginning of the year, working within the limits of a 60x30x40 cm solid.

The project, specifically, brings the assigned floor plan back to a monumental scale by creating a system of three rooms connected and lit in different ways both horizontally and vertically.

The models produced by each student were reassembled to form a thick, articulated wall about 10 meters long in the central room on the ground floor of the Halls of Arms on the occasion of the fourteenth biennial architecture exhibition "Fundamentals" curated by Rem Koohlas (2014).

SEZIONE 01 copy.png
SEZIONE 02 copy.png
SEZIONE 03 copy.png
INTERO 02 copy.png
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