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One kilometer of spontaneous greenery

Type: Urban Planning

Location: Tento | Along Adige River

Lecturers: Pino Scaglione
Size: 3 square kilometers
Year: 2016

Grade: 29

Masterplan Base (2) copy.png

Brief description of the project:

The project, developed during the course of Urban Planning, was born around the transformation needs of the city (Trent) that are in- terpreted through a malleable urban model, an alternative to the traditional zoning dictated by zoning plans and vertical de- cision processes.

The idea behind the proposed concept is to create a flexible urban support that can receive signals given by the real needs of the community and condense them, according to a participatory and time-delayed process of change, into a non-final and changeable form.

Concretely: The space not to be planned is designed. The areas affected by the proposed plan are provided with the minimum infrastructure to be safeguarded from degradation and abandonment; any added functions and projects are determined through a program of consultations and decision-making processes shared by both citizens and institutions.

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Section 01

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Section 02

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